A Guide for Popping Up Your Business

By Amanda Lewan on August 1st, 2014 / Comments

In Detroit, there once was a famous destination for shopping known as the Avenue of Fashion. And as always in Detroit, we’re looking back at the past as we create new businesses to move us forward.

During the 1940’s-1970’s the Avenue of Fashion had a vibrant arts and cultural role in the city. It was the place to go for shopping, lunch, seeing artists and galleries, checking out jazz clubs and more. Today this area located on Livernois and the seven mile area in Detroit, and it’s currently open with several new art galleries and coffee shops already open for business.

Today, these artists and entrepreneurs of all sorts are encouraged to pop-up in this area. Revolve Detroit is one of the local resources helping making that happen. A “pop-up” strategy allows entrepreneurs to open up temporarily to test out the waters and is growing popularity across food entrepreneurs, retail, and more (see our recent story on YumVilliage).

Revolve Detroit released a great and free guidebook for anyone considering opening up shop through the pop-up model. While it’s created with Detroit businesses in mind it can set the tone for what you’ll need to do to pop-up effectively.

Inside you’ll find:

  • checklists, flowcharts for reactivating vacant space
  • contact lists for the detroit area
  • permit information
  • best practices thus far

Download the guidebook. Let us know if you’ve tried popping up and how this business strategy has worked for you.

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