9 Places for Sharpening Your Startup and Tech Skills

By Amanda Lewan on September 16th, 2013 / Comments

Entrepreneurs might be savvy about their industry, but they may often need to sharpen their skills as they start their first company. As an entrepreneur you’ll need to know about business plans, marketing, sales, development, and you may also need technical skills.

Fortunately in Michigan, we have organizations across the state providing alternatives for learning these skills. Check out the following eight places to go for startup and technical resources and training.

Please comment below on any other local groups or resources. We’d love to get the word out and other startups learn.

Michigan Small Business & Technology Develop Center. This program offers online classes, funding opportunities, and other startup help. The MISBTDC has a selection of training and workshops for Michigan entrepreneurs. The topics cover everything from business accounting, managing employees, marketing and sales, and more.

MEDC’S Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program. The State of Michigan’s program for entrepreneurs and innovators lists a plethora of resources and information for tech entrepreneurs across the state. Michigan SmartZones and business incubators offer a range of services for startups including business mentoring, capital, and a community of people to collaborate with available right at your desk. This online listing and resources aren’t classes, but often the incubators offer workshops of some sort and online resources too. There’s probably a great incubator near you.

Score Workshops. Score offers free workshops all across Metro Detroit, covering many of topics that are great for a startup. Coming up you can learn about startup marketing and a three part business plan workshop series.

Girl Develop it Detroit. Erica Carlson and her team brought this Detroit chapter here last year and have already taught over 100 students. The program teaches basics like Web 101, HTML & CSS, as well as Python and Ruby languages. Do you have a Girl Develop It near you? If not, bring one to your city.

Grand Circus. Detroit’s own tech training institute opens their doors this week. The schedule is up for the first round of classes, led by leading designers and business owners around the state. They focus mostly on programming, design, and offer some business classes.

D:hive BUILD. This eight week affordable class teaches you how to take an idea and transform it into a solid business. You learn all of the basics from finance and business plan writing. The classes sell out fast so keep an eye out for the next opening. They’ve recently graduated over 200 entrepreneurs, and many have moved forward with their businesses.

Online Platforms

Skillshare. This program allows you to learn skills online from anyone around the world. The classes are very affordable ($15, $25) and cover starting a business, designing and programming, and so much more. I’ve heard good things about their platform.

Coursera. Take free online classes from more than eighty of the top universities and organizations. Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company partnering with Stanford University, Yale, and other top universities. The classes are up-t0-date and cover a range of topics that can benefit any entrepreneur.

Accelerator u. This online venture program is based out of Toronto and provides short webinars, as well as longer educational alternatives. Their venture program for entrepreneurs is entirely online and was designed to replace enrollment in a physical incubator. This is great for mom entrepreneurs, and those who can’t afford to take the leap into a full time startup just yet. They offer special deals every once in a while too.

What else has helped you learn about business, tech, and entrepreneurship online and in Michigan? Share with us below.

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