5 Quotes from Michigan Female Leaders

By Amanda Lewan on February 2nd, 2013 / Comments

In February Detroit is hosting Founder Friday Women 2.0. This event is an awesome way for female entrepreneurs to stay motivated and support one another.

We decided to reach out to a few Michigan female founders and startup leaders, asking them to share advice for any female founders.

How can female entrepreneurs be more involved in the Michigan startup world?

  1. Stacy Goldberg, CEO of Savorfull:“It’s really, really important to make sure that females are representative in the startup world. It’s really important for women to know, you don’t have to be a programmer to be in the tech startup world, or know all of those other tech skills. What bizdom really taught me is that if you build out the right team then it’s really about the entrepreneur. Females who don’t feel empowered need to know that they do have a chance to shine.”

  2. Leslie Smith, President and CEO, TechTown Detroit: “Stop apologizing. Don’t be afraid to sell your idea with the enthusiasm of your full faith and commitment. Too often women apologize for their concepts while pitching them to potential investors and clients. Ambivalence about your business and its true potential will undermine your ability to successfully launch and grow it.”

  3. Emily A. Hay, President of Hay There Social Media: “At the end of the day, in order to become more involved in any tech and entrepreneurial economy, you have to believe in yourself.  Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint that requires steady confidence, resilience and willingness to work between the unknown and ever changing.”

  4. Audrey Walker, Original Co-founder of Girls in Tech Detroit, and Shiftnote Marketing Pro:  “There is such a strong digital community in metro Detroit, and there are many groups and organizations that are waiting with open arms to welcome you in. Do a quick search for Facebook groups or check out Meetup.com to look for organizations that deal with subjects that might be interesting to you.”

  5. Kerri Wolff, Co-Founder of Michigan Network of Women Entrepreneurs: “So, how can females be more involved in start-ups? I think for a lot of women, there’s the ever-present fear of the unknown. So to that I say…  Get out there & take a chance! If your standards aren’t met, don’t give up or accept things as is… Insist on nailing it. Even if that means asking for help.”

There are plenty of ways to stay active in the startup world. Connect with the Michigan Network of Women Entrepreneurs and stay tuned for more Women 2.0 Founder Fridays coming to Detroit.

Photo via Michigan Network of Women Entrepreneurs.

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