4 Michigan Companies Helping the Restaurant Industry Go Digital

By Audrey Walker on February 15th, 2013 / Comments

These four companies with operations in Michigan are helping businesses in the restaurant industry save time and make money through the use of digital tools. The adoption of these tools is resulting in new customers, better management communication, and an enhanced experience for both restaurant guests and employees.


The Ann Arbor based company helps restaurants create interactive menus that are viewed on tablets such as iPads. The digital menus allow guests to visualize the meal options before ordering, and find additional ingredient and nutritional information.


ShiftNote creates web-based workforce management tools for restaurants. It allows management to communicate internally via a digital logbook, and help with online scheduling for their staff. Employees can use ShiftNote to release and pick up shifts using their computer or mobile device.

On Tap Now

On Tap Now provides restaurants and bars with a way to let potential customers know what beers they are currently featuring on draft. Given the recent surge in craft beer popularity, this tool could help bring in new customers who are searching out specific beers.

Detroit Labs

Located in Detroit in the recently renovated Madison Building, Detroit Labs builds intuitive mobile apps for companies of all types and sizes. They recently finished work on the mobile online ordering system for Domino’s Pizza, where users can create custom pizzas and track the real time delivery to their front door.

There are many companies popping up that are using new technologies to help with operations at restaurants and other businesses alike. It’s nice to have a few of these located right within our backyard! If you know of other Michigan tech companies helping the restaurant industry, please share below.

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