33 Tools and Software Programs For Building Your Startup

By Amanda Lewan on May 15th, 2013 / Comments

How can you make startup life a little easier? There’s usually a software or free resource online to help you out. Let us know if we’re missing anything from this list.

Website and Design

  1. WordPress — This is number one for flexibility with building your startup website or company blog. Easy to use, awesome SEO plugins, and wonderful designs.
  2. Themeforest.net — And the rest of the envato sister sites, including graphicriver.net, codecanyon.net, for wordpress themes.
  3. 99designs — For design help.
  4. Dafont.com — Free fonts.
  5. FontZone — More free fonts.
  6. Logotournament  — Need to outsource your logo? We’ve see a few friends receive nice logos from this site.
  7. Adobe Creative Cloud — If you’re learning design, but don’t have the money for all of that software, Adobe creative cloud offers an affordable monthly subscription for you.


  1. FreshBooks — Accounting online.
  2. Xero Accounting — Accounting online.
  3. Free Agent — Accounting online.


  1. Visual.ly — Tell stories with data.
  2. Piktochart — Making pictures out of info.
  3. Infogram —  Another great tool for infographics.

Photo and Video Tools

  1. PICFONT — Basic photo editing
  2. PicMonkey — Photo editing, collages, and more.
  3. sizzlepig — Photo editing.
  4. Pow Toon — Make a cool little graphic video for very inexpensive.

Social Media Tools

  1. HootSuite — This will help you schedule posts and manage social media accounts.
  2. Sprout Social— For a monthly fee, you can see more in depth who’s talking about your company. The reporting tool is awesome and we highly recommend it.

SEO Tools

  1. SEOMOZ — For measuring your search results.
  2. Universal Business Listing — For getting local SEO listings across 100’s of sites.
  3. Google Keyword Tool — See what words others are searching for.
  4. Google Trends — Great for researching search trends by location and over time.
  5. Google Analytics  — Measure traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

  1. MailChimp — Free email marketing.
  2. aWeber — Another great email marketing tool.

Management & Other

  1. Basecamp — You must have basecamp. You can collaborate on docs, upload work, etc. They just launched their mobile app too.
  2. FreeConference — Free conference calls.
  3. Survey Monkey — Great for recording info, taking surveys.
  4. AdRoll — Good for ads online.
  5. Michigan Made: Quotegine— Branded software for creating quotes for clients. If your startup uses quotes this tool will save you time.
  6. Michigan Made: We Clock Best — A Michigan made software for clocking time.
  7. Live Plan — For creating your business plan.

Photo via Piktochart.

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