Would You Exercise and Work With This Cute Fitness Cube?

By Amanda Lewan on July 28th, 2014 / Comments

Exercising while working full time  is hard for any entrepreneur or startup team. Often you find yourself working long hours and skipping those healthy workouts.

What if you could do both at the same time with a dainty new product like this one? Below is the Fitness Cube, designed to fit right under your desk. You can exercise, work, and never really notice it at all.

The price is a little up there around $200, but the concept is great. Founded by a team of Chicago  college students they just surpassed their kickstarter campaign raising nearly $250,000 with an original goal of $80,000.  Check out their story below and  the campaign which ends tonight.

Shivani Jain CFO & Co-Founder says the project came about when another team member realized how much he had to sit at his desk and work. He found a few products to help but nothing that really fit in with a corporate company.

“Corporate companies were not okay with changing the furniture,” Shivani said. “We realized there was a gap in the market and could create something more accessible.”

Right now the team is still exploring their options for manufacturing considering both the Midwest and outsourcing manufacturing oversees. It would be great to see products like this one have easy access to manufacturing in Michigan.

Based in Chicago we thought it’s a great Midwestern product that might fit the need of busy startup life. What do you think? Would you try out an exercise product like this one?

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