Why Interior Design is Critical to the Success of your Business

By Justin Morelock on September 18th, 2015 / Comments

Alright, so you have a great product. You’ve worked your ass off to bring it to market. Whether this means you serve a great coney, are the latest tech company, or sell “Detroit Rules” T-shirts, you now have grown to the point where you have a physical space. Most likely you did whatever it took to make your commercial space come to life. Now let’s take a look at how critical the interior design of your space is to the success of your business.

Whether it’s an office or retail space, your physical space is a direct reflection of your company values. The office design is vital to your employees efficiency and your customers perceptions. Your prospective clients will assume that your tech company is not very innovative if your office looks like it’s from the ’80’s.

Say, for example, a potential customer named Sam is looking for a new CPA firm for his growing pickle business. Sam narrows down the prospects to Jim and Tom. Jim and Tom both operate small CPA firms, both have similar years of experience, and both charge similar fees, so Sam schedules a meeting with both for a further evaluation. Upon arriving at Jim’s office Sam is greeted with a basic old brick painted building, but not old in the sense of historically beautiful old, but old as in creepy old. As he enters, Sam notices the classic grey carpet with coffee stains, the mixed match furniture in the waiting area, the wooden framed pictures on the wall and the fluorescent lights above, of which only four of the six are working. Wood paneling and lime green paint cover the walls.

The next day, Sam meets with Tom. As Sam arrives at Tom’s firm, he notices the great smelling boxwood bushes in the beautifully landscaped entrance walk. Upon entering, Sam is greeted with beautiful wood flooring, a waiting area with new modern furniture including a sleek looking glass table complemented by the most intriguing lamp. The accent lighting in the room directs Sam’s eye to the company’s core values displayed elegantly on the wall. Earth tone colors and white trim complement the stacked stone wall that has the company’s logo proudly displayed.

Now, again, both men are CPA’s and seem to be equally qualified to handle Sam’s needs and both charge similar rates. The biggest difference between the two…their offices. Whether consciously or unconsciously, Sam’s perception of the two offices was a direct reflection of the individual’s professional standards. Tom’s office reflected organization, care, attention to detail, and welcomeness. All of which are traits Sam is looking for in a CPA. He decides to go with Tom.

So, how can you make sure you’re creating the right perception for your company? You can start with the following two points when thinking about your interior design.

Show Your Values. People will doubt your product if your interior does not reflect quality, innovation, style… whatever value your product brings to the table. Not only does your space need to be branded specifically to your business, but it also needs to be up to date if you want to grow. An up to date, well designed interior shows customers you actually care. Do you say you support local but don’t use local furniture or touches? What values are most important for you to convey?

Presentation is a Priority. Presentation is 50% of the taste. If it looks good, it probably taste good. i.e. if the interior of your business looks good, the product is probably good as well. But if your interior sucks, customers will think your product sucks as well. Even if your fattoush is amazing, customers will not return or refer your restaurant to a friend because they couldn’t stand the horrendous environment they had to eat it in. Remember that customers don’t just buy products, they are also buying experiences.

For retail and hospitality businesses, the interior design creates the overall experience for customers, your product is only a portion of what you actually sell. Whether consciously or unconsciously your customers develop psychological references about your business through your interior design.

So if you’re trying to grow, yet something seems to be holding you down, it may not be your product or service, it may just be your interior.

If you would like to hear more about how interior design can help your business grow, be sure to attend Justin’s lecture at this years DDF, Commercial Interior Design using UX Design. He will be speaking on September 23rd from 1-2pm at the Wayne State University Alumni house, 42 west Warren ave. Detroit.

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Justin Morelock

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