Urban Entrepreneurship Event Comes to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on September 7th, 2015 / Comments

The “Shock the Urban World” Urban Entrepreneurship Symposium will come to Detroit on October 23rd, 2015. The symposium is a part of the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative, led by a Detroit native entrepreneur David Tarver.

Last year the first symposium was held in Ann Arbor attracting nearly 300 attendees. But this year they’ll be hosting the event at the College of Creative Studies in Detroit.

The event brings together business innovators, academics, and community leaders with the goal to solve urban problems using for-profit business solutions. We already see some of this mindset in the entrepreneurial culture of Detroit, folks creating profitable business models from urban issues like improved connectivity (Rocket Fiber) and blight data management (Loveland Technologies). It should be a great conversation to accelerate in Detroit.   

 “Urban entrepreneurship isn’t a social program, it’s business innovation that produces needed products and services for urban communities, or makes a significant number of jobs available to urban residents,” said W. David Tarver, founder and president of the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative and the chief event organizer.

Tarver is a Flint native who studied at the University of Michigan. In 1983, at age 30, he launched Telecom Analysis Systems, Inc., a telecommunications instrumentation business. He sold the business in 1995 for $30 million. We’ve been inspired by his story and his work to give back to the entrepreneurial community through this event.

“Creating an urban-focused business requires the entrepreneur to focus first on the problem that needs to be solved, and then to use business and technical innovation to deliver the solution. It requires strong commitment, creativity and deep, effective community engagement,” Tarver said.


Symposium attendees will receive information and tools to assist in creating scalable, profit-making businesses that address important urban community needs.  Register or learn more about the event at www.urbanei.org.

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