Uber Transportation at the Touch of an App

By Amanda Lewan on March 29th, 2013 / Comments

Uber provides a very simple solution for our widespread metropolitan Detroit: a car to pick you up at the touch of your mobile app.

With locations across the United States, Detroit marks the company’s 29th city. There are talks of possibly coming to Ann Arbor too.

Uber does what most technology startups should do: provide a simple technology for the user along with transparent and reliable customer service. When you pull up your app and request a car the driver responds with his name, his customer service ratings, and his time for arrival. It’s easy, reliable, and the car is a very smooth black car that’s ideal for any date or night out on the town.

The company also offers different ways to charge for their service. If the car travels less than 11 miles per hour they charge for time.  If you’re going over 11 miles per hour then you’re charged for distance. Don’t worry about cash, you can pay inside the app with your credit card.

I spoke with Michael White from the Uber Detroit team about their company coming to Detroit, and how Uber fits in with the city.

Why Bring Uber to Detroit?

“I think Detroit has a great opportunity for Uber. Because of the history of Detroit we have communities spread out. You have a growing downtown and communities like Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Birmingham around the city,” said Michael. “We can help connect the different cities around Detroit by providing a quality, on-demand solution.”

Michael mentioned that Uber holds special promotions such as ice cream truck delivery during the summer, mariachi bands on demand for Cinco De May, and flower delivery for Valentine’s Day. With Detroit, they promise to keep their promotions local to the community, supporting small businesses in the area.

“There’s a great community of professionals trying to make Detroit a better community. I think we fit really well into that,” said Michael. “We provide our partners, small businesses that have one to five cars, the opportunity to grow their business in Detroit.”

Michael told us the community has been very welcoming and receptive to their arrival, and he’s excited for Uber to be a part of the rebirth of Detroit.

MichipreneUBER Promotion

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Give Uber a warm Michigan welcome by following them on Twitter and try out their service next time your in Metro Detroit.

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