Two Recurring Tips for Entrepreneurs from Fuel: Detroit

By Ryan Litwiller on April 14th, 2015 / Comments

Seth Godin, Jessica Alba, Rick Snyder, and Magic Johnson were just some of the top speakers at the launch of the inaugural leadership conference Fuel: Detroit on Monday.

The conference was put on by Detroit author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist Josh Linkner and team as an effective way to fuel Michigan and Detroit area leaders while still “making it home in time for dinner.”  The one day leadership conference is planned to fuel and encourage leaders in additional cities later on in 2015.

There was a lot of stories and wisdom shared at this event, but two themes kept on coming up from multiple speakers that entrepreneurs would benefit from.

View Challenges as Opportunities

When asked about the challenges of declining driving trends in major cities and competitors pushing the limits like Tesla, Ford Motor Company CEO Mark Fields responded with, “Don’t be a victim…view challenges as opportunities.”

He went on to discuss that by looking at “challenges” differently there is most always things they can learn to make improvements to their products or find larger opportunities that weren’t available before.

Adam Lowry of Method Soap mimicked Fields by stating, “Turn threats into opportunities.”  He went on to share a story how a cease and desist letter from a major industry player turned into an amazing public relations opportunity as they creatively addressed the issue in a fun and innovative way.

Question to Consider: What challenges are you facing that could actually be opportunities in disguise?

If You Are Waiting for the Right Time, Keep on Waiting

Whether we have an idea and are waiting for the stars to align before we launch a business or new product, the truth is there is never a good time to move to action.  Something will always come up that will deter or discourage your efforts, confirmed by Seth Godin when he said, “You will never be ready.”

Later on Governor Rick Snyder was talking about startups and said, “If you are fully rational you won’t be successful.”  Some things just don’t make sense and some people won’t move forward out of fear of failure, but Governor Snyder encouraged everyone to manage risk accordingly in order to reap the potential rewards.

Question to Consider: What have you been waiting to do that you just need to take action on this week?

By taking these tips to heart and changing your mindset, you will see things as they are and make some real progress in your business.  Feel free to share your experiences in the comments.

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