This Michigan Man Invents a Better Trash Bag

By Amanda Lewan on August 11th, 2014 / Comments

Simple, useful, and soon sold in Walmarts all over the U.S., this clever inventor may have hit a home run with his invention.

John Cundy, a 49-year-old clay sculptor at General Motors was tired of picking up other people’s trash literally. He picked up after a high school track meet that was missing a trash back and went home to think about how to solve this problem. That’s when Trash-Ease was born.

You can read John Cundy’s full story on this new invention in the Detroit Free Press.  It’s a great story to see, even something as simple as a new type of garbage container solve a simple problem and add value into the marketplace. He also leaves some good advice for entrepreneurs:

“I have other products that I’m ready to come out with next spring. I’m going to solve problems one at a time. Find a problem, fix a problem,” Cundy says.

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