This Flint Startup Is Building The Most Tech Savvy Lamp of All

By Amanda Lewan on April 10th, 2014 / Comments

Yes, that’s right. This Flint startup has re-invented and re-energized that old vintage favorite lava lamp. It can do just about anything, anything.

It’s called Ion and it really looks like the best lava lamp ever made. They’ve pumped up your typical lamp with LED lights, an app for programming you’re own lights and sounds, and the ability to tune it to your mobile phone.  It can beat along to your music too. How’s that for one funky lamp?

This Flint startup has raised over $35,000 for a kickstarter that’s still running.

Founder Billy Lindeman calls it a “light show in your living room.” The lamp can be linked up to do other type of messages with your phone, lighting up for text messages, calls, and more through bluetooth technology.


The lamp is being made in Michigan.”Being based out of Flint, Michigan, we’ve seen what happens when manufacturing jobs move overseas. There’s no secret formula to why it’s cheaper to build products outside of the US – workers are paid far less than they should be,” their site reads.

Below is a list of who’s helping create this lamp:

  • Alro Steel – Flint, MI – Aluminum for Ion’s Caps
  • Barch Designs – Port Huron, MI – CNC Machining of Caps
  • Amtech Electrocircuits – Troy, MI – Circuit Boards + Assembly
  • ePlastics – San Diego, CA and/or US Plastic – Lima, OH – Acrylic Tube
  • McNichols Polishing & Anodizing Inc – Redford, MI – Anodizing
  • Lava (that’s us!) – Flint, MI – Final Assembly

It is cool to see a startup combining tech and manufacturing here in Michigan. Get ready to rave on with this startup. Visit or their kickstarter to support.

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