This Ann Arbor Startup is Creating a Smarter Bike System

By Amanda Lewan on March 4th, 2014 / Comments

For a state that’s home to the motor city, our cities are seeking smarter, cleaner transportation alternatives. In Ann Arbor, one startup is hoping to make a change creating hardware and software for “smart bikes.”

A2b Bikeshare has created what they call a “Smart Bike – Dumb Rack” solution, using touch screens secured between handlebars. The program is created for cities who use bike sharing systems. Users will have access to easy rental information, navigation, guided tours, GPS, and everything else you could need to make bike riding more tech savvy in the city.

Right now, cities who use bike sharing have kiosks instead of technology on the bike. A2Bikeshare technology has major advantages for the user, allowing them to known when a rack is available to return the bike, GPS, and more.

It definitely sounds fun for any biker. The startup just received $20,000 from Start Garden to help make it happen.

Founder Ansgar Strother says the company’s larger vision is to help communities of all sizes have better bike sharing systems, making communities greener and easier to travel through.

“Bike sharing is like a glue that holds together different forms of transportation,” said Founder Ansgar Strother. “If something is a little too far away to walk to, and too close to take a bus, this comes in handy.”

They recently piloted a program in Lansing, and are relaunching another pilot soon. If all goes well, Ansgar says Lansing may have a full system with their technology by the end of the summer.

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