The Sweet Sound of a Michigan Jam Jar

By Amanda Lewan on September 12th, 2014 / Comments

At first glance, you might think this story is about a candle. The Jam Jar looks like it could be one, with the colorful filling inside of a classic Mason Jar. But the Jam Jar is a radio, decorative and useful for the home.

Mason Jars are kind of hip right now. You see them at coffee shops, around people’s homes, and even used as decor in country style weddings. Matt Gira was taking an engineering class in college when he almost jokingly played around with the idea. His friends loved it. From the reactions he received, he decided to pursue building the product.

The product itself all locally made and currently for sale for about $80. His team does all of the drilling, painting, writing and installation of the piece. But as a piece it’s really a nice touch to rooms, Matt says.

“From a design perspective, it either fades into the room or is noticed right away,” he says. “Mason jars are a stylish item in decor at the moment, and we’ve noticed that many already have mason jars decorated in their bedroom, door, kitchen, or family room. It fits in with the style of the room. It’s a speaker that doesn’t look like a plastic cylinder or box.”

Below are a few photos and a sample from their current kickstarter so you can see for yourself how it looks. The startup aims to raise money to help create an inventory for trade and craft stores. They’d also like to launch more styles with bluetooth and portable versions.

Screenshot 2014-09-12 at 8.45.05 AM

Currently on the Kickstarter project, and in the Hope College Bookstore. After the Kickstarter is up, it will be on our website ( and Etsy shop.

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