The Stratos Connected Card is Now Available

By Amanda Lewan on March 3rd, 2015 / Comments

The Stratos Card, a blue tooth enabled card that syncs all payment and loyalty cards to your mobile phone, is now available for purchase.

The Ann Arbor based startup has been working hard over the past couple years growing their team and announcing a recent $5.8 Million raised for their mobile payments startup. You can now order the card today with shipping beginning in April. The cost is an annual membership fee of $95 per year, including free updates and a new card delivered to your door each year.

The Stratos Card comes in five colors right now.
The Stratos Card comes in five colors right now.

“You can get a new card every single year with all of the software and security features,” said Co-founder and CEO Thiago Olson.

What’s great is the product’s beautiful design and easy functionality. Upon receiving your Stratos Card, it will work immediately with any store, ATM, and payments system. According to Olson that’s not true with other mobile payment options.

“This is the first connected card that can be used anywhere from ATMs to gas stations and restaurants,” said Olson. “We have dual-stripe technology that allows it work anywhere you’d ordinarily use plastic.”

Reinventing the Wallet

The Stratos Card is made from a durable, waterproof material that helps it avoid any damage.  The card itself doesn’t list any account number on it. It works by allowing you to sync up your three main credit or bank cards and with a tap of the card switch between accounts. If the card is lost or stolen, it can be deactivated from the phone, or any laptop device or setup for automatic deactivation. All information is accessed by the user through the app or website.

The Stratos Card can also remind you of real-time rewards, allows you to access any of your financial information security, and helps you easily manage your transactions. Olson described it as more than just connecting your card, it’s reinventing the way we use our wallets. An attachment to the mobile phone holding your ID and Stratos card could remove the need for a wallet at all.

“Our mission is to empower and help you make a smarter decision with your cards, and to provide more security for payments,” said Founder Thiago Olson. “This is the perfect platform that work anywhere.”

The team hinted at even more security features to come.

“We allow you track everything, like a Fitbit-style tracker. Where you are using your cards, when, you can go back in time and see what locations and where you were spending,” said Olson.

Olson himself has always had an entrepreneurial background. He received national media attention at the young age of 15 when he created a miniature star in his basement. He graduated from Vanderbilt studying Electrical Engineering and Physics. Work brought him to Michigan, where he convinced his Co-founder and COO Chris Bartenstein to join him in launching Stratos Card. Later, Henry Balanon joined as CFO and Co-founder.

The Stratos team raised a total in $7 million in venture financing to date, expanded into a new office space in Downtown Ann Arbor, and has geared up their supply chain in anticipation of the product launch. The team currently plans to remain in Ann Arbor as they ship their Stratos Card out to those around the country.

“We’re reinventing the wallet just like itunes reinvented your CD collection. And we’re excited to be doing this from Michigan,” Olson said.

We’re excited to get our first Stratos Card. Learn more about the card at

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