Tech Summit, Tech Fashion Show, and More Coming to Detroit

By Amanda Lewan on April 22nd, 2014 / Comments

Have you heard of Techweek yet? You will soon as the week long event highlighting cutting edge technology is about to create an unforgettable week in Detroit.

The event has been pretty successful in other cities like our neighbors in Chicago. Detroit has the honors of hosting the first Techweek in Michigan on May 19th – May 25th. We expect the week to be full of energy, local tech startups and larger companies, a launch competition, a food truck face off at Campus Martius Park, a technology fashion show, and plenty of after parties.

A conference will also be held for two of the days featuring speakers from some of Detroit’s leading tech companies and startups like Quicken Loans, Are You A Human?, Ginkgotree, along with out of state brands including The Onion, Groupon, and Atlantic Media. The conference will focus on the future of media, information technology, and a look at how design and technology can be the base for urban innovation – a huge topic for Detroit.

“There is a palpable sense of opportunity in downtown Detroit right now. Entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators of all kinds are blazing new trails in support of the city’s resurgence. That feeling of being on the cutting edge of a positive and exciting change is what attracted Techweek to Detroit,” said Sam Kennedy, Executive Director at Techweek.

The intersection of tech, fashion and e-commerce will also be on display during a tech infused fashion show. According to Techweek local and international fashion designers will be featured. We can’t wait to see the gadgets and clothing that will be on display for the show. The schedule is pretty intense, but below are a few key dates to know.

  • May 19-25: Seven days of Techweek content, including: partner events, grand tours to tech offices in the surrounding area and eclectic gatherings with the biggest names in the tech industry.
  • May 22-23: Two days filled with their Conference and Expo that will be packed with summits, an Expo Hall, Hiring Fair and the Launch Competition.

Startups can get involved by applying to participate in Techweek Detroit’s Launch – a pitch competition for local companies. They are looking for companies willing to show convince judges they are launching off “into the stratosphere.”

Tech professionals can network, attend a job fair, and just learn more about what’s happening locally and nationally in technology and media.

Main events will be held at the Federal Reserve Building downtown at 160 West Fort Street. Check out more information on this conglomerate of an event online at 

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