Synergy Power: New Sources of Alternative Energy

By Jane Whitttington on December 5th, 2017 / Comments

Emil Ureel, President of Synergy Power, thought long and hard before he took the big step of quitting his secure job, taking a chance and committing himself full-time to the invention he had been working on for five years. Ureel says, “I was led to this decision in part by a particular Bible passage, Joshua 1: 9, which reads, ‘Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ As a Christian, this passage spoke to me and reaffirmed what I hoped to accomplish.”

Now Ureel’s invention, Synergine™, an energy production unit, is ready to be installed in a private home for a test of its usefulness and efficacy. This alternative energy system, a water-based technology, recently received a $10,000 grant from BAF (Business Accelerator Fund) via Lakeshore Advantage’s SURGE program, which helps fund entrepreneurs in the region.

Ureel says, “What the Synergine™ does is use hot and cold water to create alternative energy which is reliable, clean, emission-free, and cost effective. The unit we are installing in a residence this month is about the size of a kitchen table. The goal is to be able to power an array of appliances such as lights, refrigerator, coffee maker, laptop and others. When used efficiently, the energy would be plentiful enough to allow a home or cabin owner to live entirely off the grid, using the same wood that they use for heating.”

He continues, “This mechanical, thermal system is a particularly useful product for people who want to live ‘off the grid’. With the use of the Synergine™, they are not reliant on any other entity for their power needs. We are looking into enhancements which will allow the unit to harness other sources of power such as a solar water heater.”

Ureel spent 18 years as an electrical engineer after he graduated from Calvin College. Over the past five years or so, he has been working on his invention, currently patent pending, in his home and has developed the unit which is being installed in the West Olive home. This pilot program will prove the validity and usefulness of the product.

Ureel approached ACRE AgTech, a business incubator working with farmers and entrepreneurs in agricultural technology, and they assisted him in receiving the grant from BAF. He also accessed legal advice through MiSpringboard, a program through Varnum Attorneys at Law which offers pro bono legal services for entrepreneurs. Ureel has tapped into his own savings to bolster the company and recently welcomed his first private investor.

Currently, Ureel is looking for larger manufacturing space and suppliers as well as the service providers he needs to efficiently build the Synergine™. He plans to remain in the Holland area.

His target customers for the first iteration of his product are people who want to live off the grid and are comfortable with technology. Eventually, the product will be available to the average home or business owner who wants something that is essentially “plug and play”. Customer support will be part of the product as it continues developing. Ureel anticipates a roll-out of the product by next spring.

He is excited about adaptations of his invention that could be used in third world countries where energy from conventional sources is not readily available.

Ureel’s passion for his technology is obvious, and his commitment to providing alternative energy is laudable. Anyone with an interest in the technology is invited to sign up for Synergy Power’s online newsletter.

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