Sweetie-licious Says “Eat Pie, Love Life”

By Jane Whitttington on December 5th, 2015 / Comments

For ten years, Linda Hundt and her delicious, fabulous, amazing, and phenomenal pies have been bringing happiness to pie-lovers in Mid- Michigan. Since 2013, these sweet treats have also been available in Grand Rapids.  For those not lucky enough to live close to Sweetie-licious, pie connoisseurs on the search for the best in bakery treats can also order online or through Williams-Sonoma where Hundt and her team of artful bakers are exclusive providers.

Linda Hundt always loved to cook. From her very first Easy Bake Oven, she shared what she made with family and friends. When she graduated from an Easy Bake Oven, to a real one, she continued sharing her love and making people happy through her baking and cooking. In time, many people asked her if they could buy what she made so that they, in turn, could share with their family and friends, and Hundt started selling pies out of her home. Demand grew, and Hundt set up tables at Farmers’ Markets and also began selling to high-end restaurants. And demand just kept on growing. Finally, in 2005, Hundt took an entrepreneurial risk and moved into a building in downtown DeWitt, near Lansing.

She was approached by the Grand Rapids City Market to be part of their new facility in 2013, and Sweetie-licious was in place when the Market opened. Later, a store in Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids joined the Sweetie-licious family.

Each of the stores is pretty in pink, with pops of red here and there. Retro appliances (also pink) lend an air of nostalgia to the ambiance, and the staff often sports retro aprons. The atmosphere is friendly, casual and welcoming, with an inviting aroma of baking spices in the air. All three shops have lunch menus including salads and sandwiches, all made from Hundt’s own time-tested and treasured recipes. She even has gluten-free options.

Sweetie-licious makes, serves and sells over 50 varieties of pie which change with the seasons. With fresh ingredients and farm-to-pie fruits, two of the favorites are Tom’s Cheery Cherry Berry Berry and the CBB (cherries, blueberries and raspberries). Their soup, salad, sandwich and quiche menu includes such treats as Sassy Sweetie Salad, Charming Chicken and Too Good Tuna, not only named but served with a retro flair. Sweetie-licious also sells cookies, cupcakes, muffins and brownies. Something for everyone!

It’s not just satisfied customers who can attest to the superiority of her pies. She has entered and won numerous baking contests and has appeared on the Today show, the Food Channel and the Steve Harvey show. A complete (and impressive) list of her awards, honors, and appearances is available at www.sweetie-licious.com/Awards.aspx

Hundt says, “My family has always been a big part of my business. My older daughter Ellie graduated from MSU with a degree in food science and then spent two years working for ConAgra in Omaha. She came home in June and is in charge of our Williams-Sonoma account. My younger daughter is at Central Michigan University, and she takes care of all of our social media. Between all three stores, we have about 40 employees, almost all part-time, all the way from high school students to retirees.”

She continues, “My success comes in large part from the wonderful team of women with whom I work. Like me, they love the people who come into our stores and want to provide the very best experience for them. I love hearing the stories from our customers about weddings, holidays and other events where they serve our pies.  To me, and to my employees, this isn’t just a job; it’s a wonderful way to share.”

For more information, visit their website at www.sweetie-licious.com. Or better yet, stop into one of their locations and savor a slice of pie!


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