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As a young second grader a field trip to the Cranbrook Planetarium changed Dr. Jeffrey Driscoll ‘s life. “As soon as the lights went out I was hooked, and I knew this was something that would be with me forever,” he says. That moment created a life long journey of science exploration. Driscoll has taken his childhood love, created a business, and shares his passion and knowledge to over 100 schools a year.

Driscoll, who received his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry saw the opportunity to create a business when he was still in school.

“When I was in studying  for my doctorates, we set up programs for kids in the summer, it was the first time I saw a portable planetarium and I was blown away. I knew this was something I wanted to do,” he says. Always staying in his mind, Driscoll completed his Ph.D., did community outreach as part of the Cassini Mission to Saturn sponsored by JPL and NASA, and served in the U.S.  Air Force and as a U.S. Naval Officer. It was all in timing when he launched Super Science Investigators.

This company is an interactive traveling educational program that visits schools this includes hands on activities and a state of the art digital planetarium. Children will have the opportunity to discover the fun and interesting elements of science.

“We come into the school and we have something for all age groups, so the whole school can participate,” Driscoll explains. The program is set up where there can be up to 50 children in the planetarium and the others are participating in hands on activities. Then they switch.

“Children during our shows can learn everything from Greek Mythology, to lessons about the eclipse, our digital system allows us to move the sky around and shift from night to day. We can change the curriculum based on what the school wants,” he says.

The hands on activities consists of gear exploration, rock collections, dinosaur bones and meteorites, electrical circuit fun, and more. They also have evening programs so the parents can participate with their children.

The enthusiasm about Super Science Investigators has grown tremendously. The company has been in schools all over Michigan including Bay City and Saginaw. They have even traveled to Cleveland and Cincinnati. This is all aligned with the growth that Driscoll wants to create.

“We’ve gotten requests from schools in New York and Pennsylvania. It is important to have a solid foot print in this area before we venture out, and we’ve done that,” he says enthusiastically. Along with expanding the program into different states Driscoll wants to be consistent and strategic about the way the program is run. “As we grow and go to different schools throughout the (country) we want to train our staff so everyone gets the same experience. That is one of the many things that makes us unique.”

Driscoll’s goal is to increase his presentations to 150-250 next school year, and eventually up to 500 a year. The company is excited to see the future. “It is so great to see the kids so excited to learn. If you can get the kids excited, they will do the discovery on their own.”

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