SunDaily Brightens A Crowded Vitamin Market

By Amanda Lewan on April 24th, 2013 / Comments

In a confused and over-saturated multivitamin market, Adam Leeb found room for innovation. SunDaily was created to return the multivitamin focus back to modern science, and designed with the consumer in mind.

Adam has always had an interest in health and fitness. He describes the vitamin market as very confusing for the average consumer and also behind the times.

“The problem with multivitamins across the board is that the formulas are very old, and very similar across the brands,” said Adam. “Many multivitamin forms haven’t changed much since the 1960’s, and they’re often using the cheapest forms of ingredients.”

A graduate from MIT, Adam went on to work in New York City but moved back to his home state to launch SunDaily out of Royal Oak. A high-quality multivitamin product line, SunDaily provides better forms of vitamin ingredients, and also a boost of 2,000 units of Vitamin D to better match the recommendations of doctors.

“We’ve made our choices based on science, and also based on what’s the most effective and convenient for the consumer,” said Adam.

The products are designed to clearly communicate ingredients to the average consumer, and also offer an aesthetic appeal that stands out in the market.

Manufacturing Products in Michigan

When Adam moved back to Michigan, he wanted to manufacture all of SunDaily’s products from the state but faced many difficulties.

“I tried to the best of my ability to get the bottles made in Michigan, but couldn’t do it,” said Adam. “Manufacturing food packaging in Michigan was difficult given the automotive focus of the manufacturer base.”

Adam was excited that he was at least able to get part of the product made in Michigan, and all of it recyclable and made in the USA. The product’s bottle caps are manufactured in Warren, but the rest of the bottle had to be made out of state in New Hampshire.

SunDaily also participates in a unique program in combination with the non-profit Vitamin Angels. With their Buy a Month Give a Year campaign, a year of critical nutrition or equivalent dollars will be donated to undernourished children for every month of product sold.

Check out SunDaily for more information on their product line, and follow Michipreneur for more health and food startup stories.

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