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By Amanda Lewan on September 18th, 2013 / Comments

One out of every 7 people in the world are on Facebook and nearly 4 out of every 5 active Internet users visit social networks, according to the last Neilson Social Media Report.

For any average user, we’re often overwhelmed by the amount of tweets and posts. We may check in a few times to see what’s happening, but we just can’t see it all. Linkies wants to help changes this, providing a better way to see into your digital world.

The social media startup based in Royal Oak was founded by Chad Priest and Brian Berris, two developers with a lot of big brand and agency experience. Brian started programming when he was 13 years old, and Chad created major web sites including and

The idea is to create a better way to see social media activity in real time. Linkies uses a hashtag to categorize all of the content, and they also create better groupings of related hashtags called “grashtags.”

“We tap into conversations and allow brands to see what people are saying,” says Brian. Linkies helps brands find the right brand ambassadors at the right time. It also provides solid analytics for companies online.

The “grashtag” allows users to view grouped hashtags through a hierarchy, for instance you can explore cars, than specific types of cars to better zoom in on the conversations. Grahstags help take us closer to a more semantic web, one that Google is building through better relationships to define words for particular individuals.

Chad says it also helps protect brands from hackers and haters. Linkies can create a “wall” for brands that allows them to protect their brand and allows them to better screen comments online.

“The analytics are very valuable. It shows you what hashtags people are using along with your brand. We’re also adding sentiment value, to give a glance at positive and negative posts,” said Chad. “Brands can monitor and screen this easily.”

The team is piloting this form of aggregation, already creating pages for major events including the Woodward Dream Cruise and the XG2D movement in Detroit (now know as the Assemble Detroit Team).

As a user, you will soon be able to try out Linkies for free. The program is in a pilot stage and they are currently looking to grow to show the world what happens online.

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