Solaborate Raises $1 Million, Talks Detroit Office

By Amanda Lewan on July 16th, 2013 / Comments

It would be techies who create their own social networking platform for their industry. Solaborate is an impressive, social networking and collaborative platform for technology professionals that’s considering coming to Detroit.

Started by CEO Labinot Bytyqi, Solaborate provides technology professionals with a central place to collaborate in real time, both internally and externally, and solve business problems.

Bytyqi has worked in the technology industry serving clients like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, HP and Intel while at SAP. He felt that the industry was in need of a dedicated place where tech professionals and companies could better promote their products and services while also collaborating online in real time.

The company announced in April that they’ve raised $1 million from seed funding, angel investors, and individual investors, and recently took away the “Best in Show” award at the WebRTC Conference and Expo hosted by TMC in Atlanta, Ga.

The private beta testing has already reached over 5,000 users, and Solaborate is talking about a Detroit office soon.

“We’ve seen how passionate our friends are about Detroit and bringing the city back,” says Bytyqi. “We want to be a part of the growing tech community.”

Detroit is already home to the large social networking apps including UpTo, along with dozens of other tech startups. Amazon has reportedly said their on their way to Detroit, and last year’s reports on the technology industry’s growth in jobs look good for a site dedicated to tech professionals.

Opening an office in Detroit could prove a beneficial testing ground for the startup, and also help professionals network and grow their own companies in the city.

“Solaborate would be a great fit for Detroit’s growing tech community,” says Edi Demaj who works in Detroit and is part of the Solaborate team. “We are working on connecting with other tech companies in Detroit to grow our presence.”

The company is currently looking to raise more money, and would love to partner with investors in Michigan and Detroit. Check out their video or sign up to learn more about Solaborate’s platform.

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