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By Amanda Lewan on December 29th, 2015 / Comments

Not every idea you start off with turns out the way you thought it would be. This has been the case for the newly re-branded

We want to make it as easy to shop for service as it on Amazon,” said Co-founder Paul Proctor of Right now the website lists services such as plumbing, landscaping, electrical and contracting.

The technology startup has now grown to about twenty people, recently raising a round of funding that put them at $3.5 million. They also re-branded from Locqus to, acquiring the domain name and making a pivot to a more consumer facing brand.

The startup looks poised to scale, after making these shifts.

“We changed from tracking phones and vehicles to the whole platform it is today,” he said. Locqus was built as a service management tool, to dispatch jobs and manage vehicle fleets. Paul himself had a vehicle go missing while running his own landscaping company. He then joined forces with local entrepreneur and investor Sandy Krongeburg to start the company.

“He liked the idea and we fleshed it out. We pitched it to U of M Dearborn graduates too, some are working with us now,” he said. was headquartered in Downtown Detroit, but due to a raise in rent rates they will relocated their team to Farmington Hills in early 2016. The new money raised will help provide a runway for figuring out their messaging and lead generation, two key aspects for helping them scale.

Now, they are testing out their platform in a nearby market, Colombus, Ohio. The city is used for a lot of early technology testing, Paul said, with a decent size market.

Check out more on here and keep an eye out for this company.  With seasoned entrepreneurs at the wheel, we hope to see them keep growing in Michigan.

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