Scratch Golf Tees Up Manufacturing in Michigan

By Ron Gilbert on June 5th, 2014 / Comments

Watch out golfers around the world, you may want to purchase a hand made gold club manufactured right here in Michigan.

Scratch Golf, a company specializing in making custom wedges and drivers, just moved their company from Tennessee to Michigan. With a location in Berkley, and a 6,000 square foot space in Warren, this move makes them the only company to manufacture golf clubs in Michigan and the only company to make golf clubs in the U.S.

The company has plans to make more than 2,000 hand-crafted clubs with a nationwide distribution right here from Michigan. We had the opportunity to chat with Ari Techner is the co-founder and CEO of Scratch Golf on their product and move to Michigan.

A photo of club grinding.
A photo of club grinding.

MP:  What prompted the decision to re-locate Scratch Golf from Tennessee to Michigan?

AT:  The original founders of Scratch are all from Michigan. We watched from afar as the Detroit area fell on some hard times.  Over the past few years we noticed that Detroit was making a big push and we feel like it is going to come back in a big way.  We wanted to be a part of that.  We also saw the opportunity for partnerships with former auto workers and companies that service the auto industry.  We saw that such partnerships could help us with the metal working and finishing that is so critical for our products.  This was not available in Tennessee and was becoming extremely important for our future growth and success.:

MP:  From a business cost standpoint, how does Michigan compare to Tennessee?

AT:  The cost of doing business here in Michigan is lower than in Tennessee.  This directly relates to what I mentioned previously in terms of finding the right partners to help us with metal work and finishing.  We have been able to find better partners up here, which has lowered our costs.

MP:  What is the primary geographical location of your customer base?

AT:  We have customers all over the world.  We have sold clubs on 6 continents, excluding only Antarctica and we are working hard on getting our first customer there.  We sell a good percentage of our clubs in the USA but also have very strong markets in Europe and Asia.

MP:  Primary short-term goals for Scratch Golf?

AT:  The primary short term goal is to build up the brand and the name Scratch golf to one that is known by golfers all over the country and the world.  We want to be known as the maker of the worlds best golf clubs.  We do not want to be the biggest, we want to be the best.

MP:  What is your favorite club, and your current handicap?

AT:.  My favorite club currently is my 60* Scratch hand made custom wedge.  This club is so extremely versatile for me that I can pretty much hit literally any shot that I want with it.  It is equally effective from the sand, hitting flop shots around the greens or for low punch shots from the fairway.  I can do anything with that club and have a ton of confidence that I will get up and down for par whenever I miss a green.  My current handicap is 1.

You can purchase a custom-made wedge or iron club at the Scratch Golf showroom at 27723 Woodward in Berkeley. Or online at


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