Savorfull’s Mission to Nourish Michigan

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We all have excuses for avoiding healthy eating, but what if it could start with healthy snacks at your work?

These snacks are samples of different food products, often Michigan made, that you’ll probably love. It’s nutritious and also allergy-free, so don’t fret. Stacy Goldberg and her specially trained team do the research, finding the tastiest and healthiest foods for you to sample inside Savorfull’s box. They’re bringing healthy snacks to your business, creating a healthier work environment for everyone.

Try the food and incorporate what you like into a more nutritional lifestyle. It’s a small step towards changing your diet, but one that encourages healthier living in Michigan.

Combining Education & Michigan Made Food

It starts with just a taste for the customer, but started with many years of nutritional consulting and practice for founder Stacy Goldberg.

Stacy spent time as a corporate nutritionist and consultant before starting Savorfull this past year.  She founded the company with a mission to educate others on making healthier choices for their diet, and to also serve a rapidly growing market for allergy free foods, or “free from” foods. For $15 a month people can discover and sample healthier foods from Savorfull. Each month is a surprise, and the variety makes sure your healthy lifestyle is never plain and boring.

“I knew there was a need for education, awareness, and the ability to increase access to nutritional products and foods,” said CEO Stacy Goldberg. “I also saw a need for free from foods.”

“Free from” foods include gluten-free and peanut-free foods. Right now Savorfull focuses on including products that are gluten and or wheat free, dairy, egg, and peanut free.

What also makes Savorfull unique is their commitment to featuring Michigan made products, such as Livesmart Flax Bar, Vita Perk, and Jessica’s All Natural Gluten Free Granola. Though they feature products from all over, they’d like to include more Michigan made products.

“My vision is to work with food companies from Michigan and get them out to the world,” said Stacy. “We want to be able to stimulate the growth of the specialties small food producers who don’t have brokers, and don’t have the money for slotting fees on grocery shelves.”

A Detroit Food Entrepreneur

savorfull boxSavorfull is currently a part of the Quicken Loans family, beginning first as a Bizdom startup. Stacy says a business incubator has helped her gain valuable access to resources and taught her how to leverage and work with other Detroit area companies.

Located in Detroit, Bizdom requires all of their companies to headquarter in the city. For Stacy, this was a good fit.

“Being committed to the city of Detroit was extremely important to me. There’s a lot of room for improving health and wellness in Detroit, and also the state of Michigan,” said Stacy. “We’re helping Detroit by infusing healthier choices into lives, providing nutritional education, and creating jobs.”

As a food entrepreneur, there are obstacles in Michigan. Often there’s a barrier to entry in the market for small food producers, and Stacy recommends food entrepreneurs to contact the Michigan State University Product Extension Center in Eastern Market for assistance, if they can afford it.

She also points out that many food entrepreneurs should know how to accurately label their foods, though some are still unaware.

“Make sure you know your audience and include food allergies on your label,” she says.

Michipreneur Advice

Savorfull’s business has changed and grown over the years, and is planning to eventually serve an international health market. Stacy has some awesome Michipreneur advice for anyone in the startup world:

“Be open to feedback.  Feedback is a gift. The more you’re flexible the more you can pivot, if you need to, and grow.”

She also emphasizes the importance of building a team.

“What bizdom really taught me is that if you build out the right team, it’s really about the entrepreneur,” said Stacy. “You don’t need all the technical skills. You need a good team.”

Though Stacy has learned a lot including some basic coding along the way, she’s able to rely on her team while she focuses on her passion: nourishing Michigan with healthy food, and helping the “free from” customer discover healthier products.

For food entrepreneurs in Michigan, check out the Michigan State Product Center. Contact Savorfull if you want to learn more about their program.

*Post updated January 11, 2013. Savorfull currently brings healthier snacks to your business.

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