Quick Survey: Share Your Insights for Mackinac Policy Conference #MPC14

By Amanda Lewan on May 27th, 2014 / Comments

This week we’ll be covering the Mackinac Policy Conference, a gathering of over 1,500 business professionals, government leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs. The goal of this year’s conference is to look closely at how we can position Michigan to be a globally competitive and financially attractive business environment.

A big focus on this year’s conference is entrepreneurship in Michigan and economic recovery in Detroit. So while we share what we hear from these leaders over the next week, we’d also like to hear from you the entrepreneur. What helps you most as an entrepreneur in Michigan?

As an entrepreneur you know best what’s happening in your Michigan city. You know what resources work and what needs to change to make your city more attractive for businesses like yours to stay and grow. We want to hear from you.

Please take our one minute to answer this 10 Question Anonymous Survey for Michigan Entrepreneurs. 

We hope to see these leaders and change makers site the same problems and solutions you see in your own backyard. Please share with any entrepreneurs in your community. We’ll publish the anonymous results after the conference.

This week you can tweet with us any questions you’d like to share at the conference @Michipreneur.

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