Practice Space Opens Summer Program

By Amanda Lewan on March 27th, 2014 / Comments

Interested in design or looking for a new project? This program might be for you.

Practice Space has built an innovative approach to launching new businesses in old spaces, a program at the intersection of architecture, business, and storytelling.

“The Practice·Space program hopes to equip entrepreneurs with resources to bring new life to old spaces through the design of enterprises rooted in the community,” said Founding Partner Donald Hart.

Located in Detroit, their summer residency program is now open for applications. How does it work? You can get hands-on experience helping build programs for entrepreneurs in Detroit neighborhoods. Over a four month term, teams develop architectural concepts, discover new business models, and create a story for the entrepreneur.

The program is great for an entrepreneur looking for a new project or a creative with interests in urban planing or design.  Started by Justin Mast, Austin Kronig, and Donald Hart, it was born from an idea and projects they were working on in Detroit.

“We saw an opportunity to design a space that brings together entrepreneurs, creatives, and the local community to shape a business,” said Founding Partner Donald Hart. “For people coming to Detroit, the Residency program provides a chance to work hands-on with emerging place-based projects, serving as a landing and launching pad to chart a career in the city.”

Residency here requires a commitment of 20 hours per week. Residents previously have used Practice Space to launch projects and grow their own practice while exploring Detroit.

Apply by April 1. You can apply for learn more about the program at

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