ONU One Helps Businesses Create a 3D Reality

By Yvelette Stines on June 10th, 2016 / Comments

It was a commodore 64 that planted the seed for Sam Sesti. At the time he was curious and 13-year-old, submerged in the world of technology.

“This is where I started. My parents bought me that computer. I taught myself what to do, and kept at it from there,” he reminisces. Now, Sam Sesti, President of ONU, has made a living from his childhood hobby and he is helping others to make their vision become a 3D reality.

Sesti’s love for computers led him to attain a computer science degree from the University of Michigan. From there he worked as a programmer, software engineer, and eventually worked with a start-up company. With all of this experience under his belt he took the leap to become his own boss.

“I think it has always been in my blood to be an entrepreneur and have the ability to create things that (people can) directly benefit from,” he said. “It is not all just engineering, facts, and figures. There are a lot of people that look for the ability to go off on their own, be creative, and come up with solutions to problems that haven’t been seen before.”

Embracing the creative and technical side, Sesti has come up with a product that many people can benefit from. The company created ONU One, the flagship product that enables manufactures to increase their bottom-line with 3D visualization. The company makes “3D visualizations so companies can take their CAD data convert them into our platform and put them to use beyond design and manufacturing.” Due to the fact that CAD is heavily used in design and manufacturing for sales, training, and marketing, they saw an opportunity to bridge that gap between design, manufacturing, and engineers.

With this product, companies can take their 3D data upload onto ONU’s platform and “add photos, videos, PDF, and more to their android, apple phone, tablets, or embed the code on their websites for ecommerce or for marketing or tradeshows,” says Sesti. This enables companies to get rid of shipping products and having 2D presentations, “It an engaging, compelling and more informative experience, it also helps companies tell a better story through marketing.”

This patent pending product has gained great feedback, and Sesti is excited for the growth of ONU. “I think we created a great platform and we want to grow as this market grows. I do believe we are headed towards a shift in the way people do this and I believe that ultimately all consumer goods will be sold, marketed, and eventually training will be done this way,” he explains.

With the optimism of ONU’s innovative technology, Sesti is just as optimistic about having his company in Michigan.

“I was born and raised here, I love the community, and it is important for me to see the technical piece. People don’t see or understand how much tech is here in the Detroit area,” he said. “It is important to be a part of that momentum and be one of the companies that will lead in that area.”

For anyone to be an entrepreneur it takes a risk. Sesti encourages those who are interested in starting their own company to go for it.

“If you have an idea or passion go for it and don’t hesitate. It is also important to find mentors, there are people out there waiting to help you. Most importantly have passion. If you don’t have passion you won’t give it your all.”

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