New Company Takes Your Social Media Photos and Prints Them

By Noelle Sciarini on November 7th, 2013 / Comments

Do you ever miss the simpler things, such as the quick-printing Polaroid camera? Imagine hiring a company that can instantly print your photos from social media while you’re at an event?

Pixel Print is a Detroit-based company that prints 4×6 photos from Instagram and Twitter on the spot during events. Attendees snap a photo, use a given hashtag for the event, and then Pixel Print provides hard copies of the photos. Brands can engage their users offline and online.

The founder, Nev Muftari says the main appeal for Pixel Print is a combination of instant gratification mixed with a bit of nostalgia.

“We think it’s a cool way to receive something tangible in the digital age,” Nev said. “It allows them to leave an event with a keepsake, memento, something they can put on their desk or fridge, etc.”

Pixel Print started when Nev came across printing services available for social media. Nev decided to start his own printing company in Detroit, setting up shop at the co-working space Bamboo Detroit a few months ago. Pixel Print has done events including TEDx Detroit, Blake’s Hard Cider grand opening, and will also be at Startup Weekend Detroit.

Nev says Bamboo Detroit has been a great resource in helping them grow in Detroit.

“I highly recommend anyone that wants to start something to visit Bamboo and work out of there,” Nev said. “Their tag line is ‘Grow Fast. Grow Strong,’ and honestly it’s true. The people are amazing, supportive and welcoming.”

For now, the future of Pixel Print depends on getting the word out to the right people — event planners, marketers, small businesses, etc. Hosting a launch party for your company or a meetup? Pixelprint is offering an opportunity for Michipreneur readers to receive a discount. Email for more details.

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