New Clothing Startup Show a Better Market Fit

By Amanda Lewan on December 21st, 2015 / Comments

“Being short can suck. It’s especially hard in the dating world,” said Ash & Anvil Co-founder Steve Mazeur.

The average man in America is about five feet and ten inches tall, and most clothing brands are designed for these average sizes. Steve, who  is about five feet and six inches tall, began to notice a need for better fitting clothing for shorter men like himself.

The solution to the problem is a new line of clothing from their startup Ash & Anvil.  Researching the market needs also led them to invent a friendlier brand, that helps men feel good. Much of the clothing is in brighter, lighter colors.

“We’re really trying to build the best off the rack brand for shorter brand for guys,” Co-founder Eric Huang said.

The clothing line first stared as an idea back in February, 2015. After a successful crowdfunding campaign they raised $26,000 to help the company get started. The clothing line to date has several items for men with more on the way. 


Though the clothes are not made locally, currently manufactured oversees, the startup does work with as many local partners as they can including Fulex a fulfillment company in Warren.

“We are partnering and working with a lot of companies in the Metro Detroit area,” Steve said 

The startup has recently launched their new clothing line, seeing a good start with $10,000 in sales for their first month along. They plan to continue to grow to hire more designers and build a full brand for the millennial. The future is looking brighter and much more comfortable for shorter men around the world.

Check out more on Ash & Anvil here.

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