Never Say Die Builds an Agency for Millennials

By Amanda Lewan on April 28th, 2015 / Comments

Born in the 1980’s to the early 2000’s is a large group of individuals who care deeply about values before making a purchase. This is a vital audience that businesses are trying to reach. Millennials often aren’t working their entire life at the same organization. They crave purpose and finding businesses who share their values.

With a whole new mindset and attitude, how can companies reach this generation? One startup in Detroit, Never Say Die, plans to reach millennials through a mix of programming for social platforms.

Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Tifini Kamara says their plan is to spotlight and engage millennial creatives through a journalistic approach.

“Right now we’re creating content for creative people. Often 20 somethings and 30 somethings aren’t always recognized for the things they do,” said Kamara. “We get to collaborate and highlight them.”

The agency started in 2013 as a creative project. It was during the summer Detroit announced their plans for bankruptcy that Kamara says she really wanted to find those with a unique voice that mainstream media was missing.

“On a national level there was a lot of negativity and we wanted to change that,” she said. “We started doing interviews and collaborating with musicians and through what was really a passion project we grew into a business.”

The small team all works out of Detroit consisting of two founders, an executive, and a team of freelance creatives. Tifini is originally from West Bloomfield. Her parents grew up in Detroit, and her grandmother grew up in Hamtramck. Detroit called her crew to do their creative work in the city, all over the city.

“You don’t really know what Detroit is like until you hang out and get to know it outside of Downtown, on a more grassroot level,” she said.

You can check out some of their latest projects including Shakespeare in Prison and 1217 Griswold, diving deeper into the story of displacement in Downtown Detroit.

Learn more about Never Say Die.

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