MSU Students Create App Perfect For Runners

By Noelle Sciarini on October 8th, 2013 / Comments

Ever wish your life had a soundtrack? If you enjoy running and you have an iPhone, you can do just that thanks to the TempoRun app. Created by a team of MSU students, the idea for a running app came, oddly enough, from a fateful run through East Lansing, and an Eminem song.

“Josh [Lieder, CEO of TempoRun] was running one day and he was listening to music…all of the sudden, a song came on his playlist, ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem,” said Benny Ebert-Zavos, Chief Running Officer. “The beat of the track perfectly matched the pace of his run and every step he took was to the beat…and then, the song ended a new one came on at a completely different beat.”

Josh had a revolutionary thought: why can’t I always run to the tempo of my music? And with that, TempoRun was born.

The app works in three ways: by organizing an already-existing music library into different workout tempos, providing users with TempoRadio, a digital-streaming station with different playlists, and also by keeping track of different stats such as weekly mileage and timing.

In addition to Leider and Ebert-Zavos, who came up with the original concept for the app, the TempoRun team includes Phil Getzen, Adam Proschek and Ryan Tempas, who took over the development side of the business after an introduction from one of their Computer Science professors.

“Phil, Adam and Ryan are the real brains behind the project,” Ebert-Zavos said. “Josh and I had the original idea, but they brought that idea to life.”

Ebert-Zavos said that once the app was made, the real challenge was finding different ways to market it to the public.

“Right now the app is only available to users through the Apple App Store, so we had to try to find ways to keep it in the forefront,” Ebert-Zavos said. “We’re currently using Ad Words, Facebook Ads and social media channels to spread the word.”

They’re also taking their marketing efforts outside of technology and into the real world by sending out apparel to fans, hosting a charity 5K race and sponsoring athletes in various events.

“We are constantly gaining feedback from our users and learning about exactly what they want from our app,” Ebert-Zavos. “We will continue to innovate and won’t rest until TempoRun is in the hands of every runner with an iPhone.”

In addition to the efforts of his team members, Ebert-Zavos also spoke highly of MSU’s business school, from which both he and Leider recently graduated. They were able to use market research courses, various mentors and most importantly The Hatch, MSU’s business incubator, to make TempoRun into the business it is today.

As for the future, Ebert-Zavos said they plan to push out a TempoRun 2.0 in time for the holidays, which will be “packed with some incredible new features.”

“We ultimately want to become a fitness brand and get into a wide range of physical activities where music truly makes a different. We like to not only think of ourselves as TempoRun, but as a TempoCompany.”

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