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By Jane Whitttington on February 16th, 2017 / Comments

Joe Johnson has combined his passion for physical fitness with innovation and a desire to become an entrepreneur in creating his new venture, Modern Fitness. He is well on his way to making a name for himself as his business grows, evolves and expands.

Johnson, his wife Megan and Josiah Price, former tight end for the Michigan State University Spartans, are working on developing Modern Fitness, based on an idea that makes the use of protein supplements easy and efficient.

Johnson, an MSU grad and former captain of the Spartan wrestling team, has long been an advocate of taking supplements to enhance athletic performance as well as general well-being. But the use of supplements, particularly proteins in powdered form, can be messy, inconvenient, and imprecise. Now Johnson has developed a better option. Pre-measured protein supplements packaged in a dissolvable film are combined with water to deliver beneficial supplements without the hassle of relying on measuring, mixing and carrying around huge, bulky containers of powdered proteins.

Johnson says, “In talking with athletes and people who just want to maintain a level of physical fitness, we discovered that there was a need for convenience in taking supplements. I’ve taken powdered supplements myself, and I know my car and the kitchen and bathroom counters were often covered with dustings of protein powders. Our product bypasses the inconvenience and makes it easy to get just the right dosage every time.”

He continues, “It’s been a pretty crazy journey. When we came up with this idea, my wife was pregnant with our first child. She went into labor at 29 weeks, just when I turned down a job as a financial advisor to pursue Modern Fitness as a full-time pursuit. The baby was born and spent his first month in the hospital. We stayed with him most of the time, and worked on our new business from the hospital—not the ideal environment. But we kept going to turn this idea into reality, and we managed to do that.”

Their son, Noah, is now strong and healthy.

The protein powder used for the product is 100 percent whey isolate with zero fats, carbs, or sugars, has 22 grams of protein and only natural flavors are used. With only 91 calories, it is filling and can even be used as a meal replacement by adding other ingredients.

Modern Fitness has received assistance from Spartan Innovations at MSU and was also chosen to be part of Lansing Area Economic Partnership’s PROTO program, which is a product development accelerator dedicated to getting products into the marketplace.

According to Johnson, “The startup community here in Lansing was extraordinarily helpful. They have helped us get past many hurdles in setting up a new business. Right now we are running an Indiegogo campaign to test the market and to raise money. We are taking pre-orders now and will have the product in the marketplace by March. A few weeks ago, we went to a fitness expo in Los Angeles and were happy to get a very positive response to our product.”

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