Michipreneur Special: Acceleratoru Online Incubator Program

By Amanda Lewan on August 12th, 2013 / Comments

[Update: Special Ends Monday, Aug 19th at 11:00 am]

Entrepreneurs can always benefit from a little learning and mentorship. In Michigan and in Canada, many entrepreneurs turn to incubators to get assistance with business planning, marketing, assistance, and even financing.

But what about the part-time entrepreneur? The college grad with loans or the mother of four with bills to pay? Not everyone can join an incubator program, which typically requires a full-time commitment. That’s why there are plenty of e-learning resources available to help out every entrepreneur.

Acceleratoru is one of these resources. Based out of Toronto, Canada, the program offers e-learning specifically designed for the busy worker who needs to learn on their own schedule. The program is designed to transform an idea into a marketable product. Acceleratoru offers on-demand courses that are 5-15 minutes long, live interactive webinars around 30-60 minutes, and an online venture program that is built to supplement a full-time business incubator program.

E-learning isn’t for everyone, but for those who want to receive coaching and access to the online incubator program, Michipreneur readers can sign up for free registration. If you can’t make the first class, it’s alright. Acceleratoru will work with you to catch you up.

The Online Venture Program is best for those in an early stage or who have a prototype and need to refine their next steps. It includes real-time coaching and support. Sign up with the information below.

Free Signup for AcceleratorU Program

There are ten free spots for Michipreneur readers who are interested. Just sign up with the code “michipreneur1.” You can learn more about the Online Venture Program, which has classes begins on the following dates: August 13th, Aug 15th, Sept 9th. We haven’t tried out the program just yet, so let us know what you learn and how it helps you. Join one of their informational webinars to learn more about the program

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