Michigan sees slight increase in creative industries

By Mayra Monroy on April 11th, 2016 / Comments

The creative industry is an ever changing chase of knowledge and innovation. In Michigan, this industry draws in the creativity through different sectors, with a common goal of education, knowledge, and of course, the promotion of creativity. For Creative Many, located in Detroit and Lansing, they help to “develop creative people, creative places and the creative economy for a competitive Michigan through research, advocacy, professional practice and communications.”

In late March, Creative Many released its 2016 report on the creativity industry in Michigan, “Creative State Michigan: 2016 Creative Industries Report”, and reported on the industry’s influence on employment, wages, establishments, and over impact on the state.

According to the organization, “Michigan’s creative industries are a powerful force across our state contributing to the vibrancy of our communities, growth and prosperity of our economy, and the education of Michigan’s youth as the leaders and innovators for our future.”

So what sort of professions are in the creative industry?

This is broad and could vary depending on location. Most of these sorts of positions include jobs such as artistry, industrial designers, advertising, architecture, design, film, publishing in more.

The study found that though there was only 1.49 percent increase in employment growth in these creative industries, the creative sector contributed $4.97 billion in wages for the economy.

“The Creative Industries Report demonstrates the need to acknowledge the creative industries as essential to building economic resilience in our state,” said Jennifer Goulet, president and CEO of Creative Many Michigan in a press release. “The creative industries are growing but not to the extent of Michigan’s other sectors. As creatives continue to play an integral role as innovators across all sectors of the economy, our study outlines the possibilities requiring cultivation and forecasts for the future to mobilize and influence an ever-changing, diverse global economy.”

In Michigan, the largest creative industry clusters with the highest employment include design, film and broadcasting, and literary services such as publishing and print. These clusters also had the highest number of establishments and overall wages in 2014.

In their study, Creative Many said that in terms of the distribution of creative industries, Detroit had an even distribution in employment.

According to Helen Kerr, the organizer of Creative Many’s research, in a press release stated that “Economies with robust creative industries are outperforming their peers economically. A healthy and diversified creative ecosystem builds an opportunity for people, businesses and communities. The report serves as a new foundation for the strategic priorities, policies and investments essential to positioning the creative industries for economic growth opportunities in Michigan, especially as the state continues to experience a transitioning economy and anticipates jobs not yet created.”

For more information and to look at the report, please visit Creative Many’s website.

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