Memloom Launches Digital Storytelling Tools

By Amanda Lewan on January 27th, 2014 / Comments

The world of publishing is in constant change. Despite the different tools we have, one thing always connects us: the human drive to tell stories.

Michigan’s own Alyssa Martina, Co-Founder and CEO of Metro Parent Magazine has teamed up with Co-founders Alexis Bourkoulas and Marie Klopf, both experienced in sales, marketing, and publishing, to bring a new set of tools to the digital publishing world.

Memloom launched their free online storytelling platform at the CES 2014 show in Las Vegas this past month. Headquartered in Ferndale, the team has created a way to let consumers tell their own beautiful stories, crafted in elegant designs similar to a magazine.

Alyssa has been publishing Metro Parent Magazine for over twenty five years, and says their team has always tried to keep a pulse on digital storytelling.

“We talked to 125 parents about two years ago and they all said they loved stories,” she said. “We felt like social media was really missing something meaningful, that’s not fleeting and easy for parents to use. We wanted to create a better storytelling platform.”

When we travel or move away from loved ones we use tools like Skype or Facebook to stay connected. Memloom can offer separated families a way to really tell their daily story in an elegant format, to connect through stories.

“We want people to go to tell short little stories, everyday stories that matter,” says Alyssa.

The team of veteran publishers has created a platform that is described as easy to use. With expertise in this market, we’ll likely see their user base grow quickly.

The platform allows for all types of media including photos, audio and video, professionally designed themes, audio narration, and safe and secure ways to share stories created. Reviews of the show cited Memloom as a favorite.

You can try out this new digital storytelling platform now for up to five free stories. Surprisingly, it’s very affordable to increase the number of stories and storage on their site. And it should be easy to use, even for the not so tech savvy mom or dad.

What connects us best with our families too are the stories we share daily.

“Storytelling is an art form and our platform is designed with the modern consumer in mind, to make it easier than ever to share and tell your family stories,” said Alyssa.

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