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By Amanda Lewan on July 14th, 2014 / Comments

It starts with a few drinks at a dive bar, as do many great tales of adventure.

Every Monday night, this team of three meets at a bar with a local entrepreneur or technology leader before heading over to the Russell Industrial Center for the 9pm recording of the IT in the D show. The local podcast show has become a hit since they began last year, reaching over 70,000 people last week on Soundcloud. They have listeners across the U.S. and even reach listeners in 41 countries.

The wide following they believe is made of of Michiganders who have left but want to connect with their hometown roots. The show itself is always entertaining and informative. As a listener or a guest (as we’ve been before) it feels like you are just hanging out with old friends.

“People tell us we’re damn entertaining,” says Jeff Mackey. “For as much fun as we have, we strive to keep it above the board and not too college-like.”

IT in the D
IT in the D team. Jeff Mackey Left, Dave Phillips Center, Bob Waltenspiel Right.

But you are hanging out with old friends. This hasn’t been the trio’s first endeavour. Jeff Mackey, Bob Waltenspiel, and Dave Phillips met through networking while forming a networking group. Bob started the group then called DetroitNet for IT professionals in the area and met Dave over a drink. Dave had been friends with Jeff having worked together before, and the three combined their forces to really grow a community of tech professionals in Metro Detroit.

Bob is the sales professional. Dave is the “geek” of the group, while Jeff is the voice of reason for this show.

“What do three IT professionals talk about when they go to the bar?” asks Bob. “We didn’t want to educate. We didn’t want to inform. We just wanted to banter with like-minded people and we hope it struck a chord and filled a niche.”

The chord has been struck with advertisers and sponsors now lining up to support the podcast, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took them about five or six years to build out their network hosting Pink Slip Parties and other events. When they launched the podcast the brand for IT in the D already had local support and the audience continued to grow quickly every week.

Podcasting is available for anyone today to start a show, so why has this one in Detroit really taken off? Dave believes it’s because they’ve proven their commitment to their community over the years. Also, they know how to tell it like it is.

“More than anything else, be yourself, be genuine, and understand the commitment that you’re making,” says Dave. “The commitment part is important – that’s why we’ve kept the studio time instead of doing remote broadcasts on random schedules. People have to know you’re going to be there.”

The IT in the D show isn’t going anywhere soon, expect maybe to more cities across the world. You can listen to the show live tonight at 9pm. Follow them on Soundcloud or iTunes, and check out their website for the next networking events happening in Metro Detroit.

Listen in tonight at 9pm and make sure you let us know if any other media startups you’d like to see profiled on Michipreneur.

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