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By Mayra Monroy on January 27th, 2015 / Comments

Chris Marsman has moved thirteen times in his life. From across the country, to back to his home in Grand Rapids, Marsman has firsthand experience in the nuisance of moving.

Boxzilla formed from an idea in Marsman’s mind in late 2014, a spark for a literal movement that he saw was needed in the West Michigan community. He noticed in different parts of the country, the implementation of reusable boxes, a change from the cardboard boxes that made moving homes such a hassle. The name Boxzilla was created to stay on your mind and it has done just that.

“Buying moving supplies is expensive and it’s a pain to assemble cardboard boxes before you can even begin packing,” says Marsman. “Boxzilla makes it manageable and streamlines the entire process.”

The boxes that Boxzilla provide are not your average plastic tubs. Their boxes are made of 100% recycled industrial strength poly plastic and have hinged interlocking lids. Eliminating the unnecessary hassle of taping cardboard boxes, Boxzilla has made the process even easier. Interested clients simply call the company or sign up online for one of the many size packages that Boxzilla offers for residential or commercial moves. Boxzilla delivers the boxes to the client’s doorstep and picks them up after the move is complete, free for residents in the Grand Rapids area. They also provide extra supplies as needed, such as bubble wrap, ties, and a dolly comes with every order.

Along with a new and innovative take on the common issue of cardboard boxes taking up space in a new home, Marsman also has a bigger issue on his mind that helped inspire Boxzilla: the environment.

“We’re really passionate about our solutions because they are both practical and eco-friendly,” says Marsman. “People might decide to rent our boxes because they see the cost savings and the convenience, yet in doing so they are lessening their environmental impact. It feels great to be able to offer an economical alternative.”

Boxzilla boxes can last for about 400 uses and at the end of the lifespan, are recycled. Practicality intertwines with sustainability in a positive way.

Serving the residential and commercial clientele in Grand Rapids and surrounding communities, informing everyone about this new strategic move is the first step to expansion for Marsman and his team at Boxzilla. For companies looking to cut down costs and utilize sustainable practices, Marsman has focused in on connecting with the manufacturing, healthcare and educational institution sectors. Through networking and organic marketing, Marsman and the Boxzilla team have optimism of a bright future. Through expanding their product line, services and to cities like Lansing, Detroit and Kalamazoo, Marsman sees a positive expansion.

Wherever Boxzilla expands to, the Grand Rapids community will always be where it started. Connecting with the community through work with local businesses and organizations is important to Marsman.

“We are striving to form new partnerships with local businesses,” says Marsman. “[We’re] actively seeking ways we can help out with area non-profits in various ways, such as donating our boxes for collecting and transporting food drive donations and contributing to the needs of our local schools.”

With an expansion plan and a bright future, the Grand Rapids and surrounding communities can expect to continue to see Marsman and his team hard at work. Learn more about Boxzilla.


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Mayra Monroy

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