Meet the 36 Semi-Finalists of Accelerate Michigan

By Amanda Lewan on October 11th, 2016 / Comments

Accelerate Michigan is back next month and one luck startup will have the change to win the state’s largest cash prize, $500K, to fuel their companion’s growth.

The Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition announced 36 finalists who will be competing for the first place prize, and runner up cash prizes. Nearly 200 companies spanning nine high growth sectors applied from all across the state. Advancing companies maintained an average fundraise of $580,000 demonstrating investor confidence, and more than 60% of Semi-Finalists completed a formal accelerator program, including programs at Ann Arbor SPARK, Conquer, Techstars Mobility, Seamless, TechTown, Desai, 500 Startups, and others.

Meet the 2016 Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition Semifinalists

  1. AccuFD, Inc.
  2. Advaita Bioinformatics
  3. Autobooks
  4. BrainFx, Inc.
  5. ContentOro
  7. Digital Roots
  8. Digital2Go Media Networks
  9. Floyd
  10. Golfler
  11. IC Surgical
  12. IndustryStar, LLC
  13. JOOL Health
  14. Kollecto
  15. Logicdrop
  16. Lunar Labs
  17. MakerOS
  18. Mayasil
  19. Movellus Inc
  20. MySwimPro
  21. NewTree Fruit Company
  22. OPS Solutions, LLC
  23. Parabricks
  24. PawnGuru
  25. Pivot Ready Inc.
  26. PreDxion Bio, Inc.
  27. Programax
  28. ProNav
  29. QuiO Technologies
  30. Sentinl
  31. ShapeLog
  32. Spatial
  33. SPLT
  34. Sportsman Tracker
  35. Voyhoy
  36. Workit Health, Inc.

Accelerate Michigan is sponsored by the New Economy Initiative, the MEDC, with support from dozens of partners. Learn more about the upcoming event here.

“Accelerate Michigan prides itself on having developed a network of flourishing high-growth businesses, venture investors, corporate partners & highly-skilled talent”, said Pamela Lewis, Director of the New Economy Initiative. “It is with great honor that we announce our 2016 Accelerate Michigan Class that will join a strong community of regional entrepreneurs.”

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