May is Entrepreneur Month in Detroit with Three Conferences

By Benjamin Seidman on May 2nd, 2016 / Comments

Move over “May.” The fifth month of the year has been declared, “Entrepreneur Month” in Detroit by a trifecta of entrepreneurial conferences: Techweek, Detroit Entrepreneur Week, and Detroit Startup Week. The new “Big 3” joined forces in this declaration, and celebration, of Detroit entrepreneurial activity. Each conference brings a unique opportunity to engage the local entrepreneurial community.

150+ events will take place in the city during Entrepreneur Month and an estimated 4,500+ entrepreneurs are expected to participate. Events include panels, speakers, networking, parties, competitions and more. Here is the debrief on all three:

1. Detroit Entrepreneur Week (May 2-7)

The Tried and True – Active for 5 years.

  •     What sets it apart: “DEW provides an open space for all who are passionate about entrepreneurship in Detroit. We are dedicated to bringing together entrepreneurs, influencers, industry-experts and thought leaders under a “big tent” of remarkable collaboration and engagement.” – Regina Ann Campbell
  •       Tickets: mix of free and paid events
  •       Why? Guided by the belief that neighborhood-based businesses are essential to the health and vitality of our communities, Detroit Entrepreneur Week Presented by Comcast partners work together to unleash ideas and do what it takes to bring them to life.
  •       Where? Various locations throughout the city

What’s the word?

“Detroit has seen the best and the worst of times, but bankruptcy did not signal the end of the city itself. In fact, our city is forging ahead, thanks to the remarkable entrepreneurial resiliency, from start-up companies to stalwart businesses that have called Detroit home for more than a century. Detroit has a proud past and a bright future that will be driven by the heart, soul and determination of its people. We are committed to rebuilding Detroit neighborhoods and these events are the platform for advancing the entrepreneurial momentum and the culture of entrepreneurship in Detroit,” said Regina Ann Campbell, managing director of place-based entrepreneurship at TechTown Detroit.

2.Techweek (May 2-8)

The Veteran – 3rd active year.

  •       What sets it apart: “Our focus is on the tech entrepreneur, who’s looking to disrupt, improve or reinvigorate their industry.” – Brad Schnitzer
  •       Tickets: free for ‘fest level;’ $100 for ‘all access’
  •       Why? We believe in celebrating local tech ecosystems around the globe and strive to encourage the development of high growth sustainable tech companies.
  •       Where? Various locations throughout the city

What’s the word?

“Each set of events offers a different perspective, opportunity for mentorship and set of resources. For the willing entrepreneur in Detroit, there is no shortage of support,” said Brad Schnitzer of Techweek.

3. Detroit Startup Week (May 23-27)

The Newbie – First active year.

  •       What sets it apart: “There are so many incredible opportunities in the city, and we’re striving to be the glue that holds them all together, strengthens the entrepreneurial ecosystem and expands the minds of passionate people.” – Kyle Bazzy
  •       Tickets: free
  •       Why? To celebrate the happenings and its “doers” both big and small in our great city. It’s only the first inning in Detroit’s reinvention. We are bringing together the various entrepreneurial communities to figure out what it will take to overcome our biggest obstacles and succeed as a startup ecosystem.
  •       Where? Various locations throughout the city, with #ChaseBaseCamp at The Masonic Temple

What’s the word?

“The tide is swelling for entrepreneurs in Detroit and the region. When it lifts we all lift with it, and these events – and the collaboration between them – is the example of what can be done with a shared vision,” said Kyle Bazzy, lead organizer of Detroit Startup Week™. “Powerful opportunities to get inspired, get organized and get to work are rampant in the month of May.”

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