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By Amanda Lewan on December 6th, 2013 / Comments

Remember those coupon books you made for your parents growing up? They’re back, but this time in a new form.

LoveCoups has launched for the Holiday season from the makers of LoveBooks, the Rochester based publishing company. LoveBooks allows you to make your own customizable print book easily through their website. LoveCoups does the same but as a customized coupon book.

How did the team get others excited about print again? By giving the creative and customizable power to the consumer. Plus, they believe books still add a romantic side to gift giving.

“We always felt that digital is a disposable consumable,” said Co-Founder Chris Sonjeow. “From our perspective, people spend a lot of time and energy creating their content and to be able to document it in something tangible like a book just made sense. Physical books are still romantic and give our customers a sense of longevity.”

They’ve had quite a bit of success with LoveBooks, making their first $1 Million in 2011 and getting a bit of spotlight from features in CNN, The Today Show, and other national media. LoveBooks has over 450,000 registered users that have created over 15,000,000 reasons why they love each other through the site.

LoveCoups seemed like a natural way to grow their print offerings, and another great way to give a gift of love through their website.  The team had been offered love coupons on the side for a few years, and received great feedback. Chris also says they’ve developed new technologies that they’d like to test out for this new product.

From a founder’s perspective, Chris says being in the gift business has helped them stay lean. The founding team bootstrapped the company, quitting their jobs one by one to join on full time.

“We’ve been good at focusing in on a niche market that is universal. What is more universal than love? Plus, we do enjoy the gift market because it has a busy and slow season. During the busy season we focus on revenue and during the slow season we focus on growth. This actually helps us stay lean and profitable.”

Check it out at LoveCoups, make a coupon book, and see for yourself your friends and family’s reactions

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