LevelEleven Secures $2 Million Venture Funding

By Noelle Sciarini on September 5th, 2014 / Comments

The Detroit-based sales motivation company currently taking the marketing world by storm is continuing its success streak with two exciting new announcements.

First, the company has received $2 million from financial advisers, thanks in part to a 300% annual growth rate and the addition of several high-profile clients including Comcast and eBay. CEO Bob Marsh said this increase in funding is a testament to the company’s success and a way for the company’s investors to say “we like what you’re doing, keep up the good work.”

The funds will be used across the board to continue improving the programs LevelEleven already offers its clients, in addition to expanding the company’s in-bound marketing strategies.

The company also recently added Tim Kopp to the board of directors. Kopp is the former Chief Marketing Officer for ExactTarget, an online marketing program that was recently acquired by Salesforce.com, and previously worked for high-profile companies including Proctor & Gamble and Coca-Cola.

“Kopp is considered a pioneer in email marketing and his experience with growing a technology company over the years will prove invaluable to LevelEleven,” Marsh said. Kopp was equally excited to get started, especially when he realized the company had solved a problem his own companies had struggled with.

“The modern CMO is being held accountable to revenue goals for their marketing investments, but there has been no clear way to get sales teams quickly aligned and rallied around the execution needed to maximize the return on those investments,” Kopp said. “Literally billions of dollars in marketing are being wasted because of this issue.”

Luckily for Kopp, LevelEleven is focused almost entirely on finding ways to motivate sales teams to accomplish goals set by their marketing and finance departments. Thanks to continued communication with their clients and software developed in partnership with Salesforce.com, those methods are working, sometimes in ways that Marsh and the rest of the staff never expected.

“When the company first started we were focused primarily on sales, but now it’s everything from marketing to customer service to even motivating health care workers,” Marsh said.

For now, Marsh said his staff is looking forward to working with Kopp, using the new venture funding to improve the company, and also actively searching for new and local talent to help accomplish the company’s goals.

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For more information about LevelEleven or to see their list of job listings, please visit their website.


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