Lansing Startup is Digital Outlet for Entertainment

By Jane Whitttington on July 7th, 2016 / Comments

Looking for a one-stop shop for all the entertainment news you need to know? Vizion magazine is an online resource for news, reviews, previews, schedules and upcoming concerts, events, and festivals all in one place and close at hand. Jeff Woods and his staff collect, compile and curate all the latest info and make it readable and relevant. Whether readers want the latest on their favorite celebrity, what music is hitting the airways, or what musician is playing where, Vizion is a valuable resource.

Jeff Woods entrepreneurial ventures in Vizion Media (headquartered in Lansing) include not only Vizion magazine ( but also a radio station which should begin broadcasting this summer and a public relations consulting business.

Vizion is an online magazine that began publication in 2008 at a time when online publications were not the norm. But Woods felt that the time was right, and, with Patrick Monroe as Entertainment Editor, the magazine was launched.

The magazine features celebrity news; comedy; events and festivals; fashion; movies; music news; and television. The current edition covers the lineup for Lansing’s upcoming Common Ground Music Festival, the dates and venues for the Dolly Parton summer tour, a review of Matilda, the Broadway show making the rounds of Michigan cities, news about this summer’s Renaissance Fairs, and a memorial to Merle Haggard. Of course, since it is being continually updated, newer stories may be featured.

Woods says, “We aren’t a localized publication; we cover different genres and report information that is national in nature as well as local news and events. Vizion is free. Information on the website changes frequently as we keep up to date with what’s going on in entertainment. Some of the things coming up that we will be covering include ComicCon and the Cyndy Lauper tour. We go all over the state to attend concerts, plays and other events and then post reviews that are of interest to our readers.”

Woods, a Battle Creek native who moved to Lansing when he was young, developed an interest in music early. He says, “I went to Waverly High School in Lansing and, at that time, there were hardly any African-Americans going to school there. I think there were maybe ten in my whole high school. So I was exposed mostly to rock and didn’t hear much rhythm and blues or hip hop.”

He continues, “I met Jack the Rapper who some have called ‘the godfather of Black radio’, and he took me under his wing. When I was still in my teens, I started meeting famous musicians like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Prince and others. It was such a great experience to be exposed to major stars, and they treated me very well even though I was just a kid! I learned how to network and how to interact with stars. Those experiences led me to where I am today, interested in all kinds of music and other forms of entertainment and sharing my passion with others.”

Because the magazine is online, it can react and respond to the latest in entertainment news. Its readers can be assured that whatever information is shared, it will be the most current.

The upcoming radio station will be Internet based and will be 24 hours a day with music of all kinds. The programing will build on what Woods, Malone and Vizion Media have established.

Whether you’re looking for a binge-worthy television series to dive into, a look at what’s coming up in your area for the weekend, or the latest music dropped by one of your favorites, Vizion is the place to go to keep you in tune with everything in the vast world of entertainment.


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