Kelli Coleman and Anika Jackson Launch Detroit’s First Nail Bar

By Yvelette Stines on October 17th, 2016 / Comments

Many times when people see that there is a need for something, they will talk about it or complain that it is not available. There are other people who will courageously do something about it. For Kelli Coleman and Anika Jackson, they saw a void, came together, and created The TEN Nail Bar. Noted as Detroit’s first modern nail bar, this is something that the city has longed for and now it is here.

Jackson and Coleman are proud and honored to bring a business to their hometown that is a critical party of any city when it comes to self-care.

“This was birthed out of a need and void. I was in Chicago and Kelli was in New York. We were thinking of businesses that Detroit needed. We saw entertainment, restaurants, and leisure, but you didn’t hear about personal services,” says Jackson. The business partners realized that with the growth of Detroit there are a lot of residential complexes and people moving to the city, but there was a missing component.kelli

“You still don’t have a neighborhood being created. This consists of a dry cleaner, grocery, hair salon, and all the things that make it livable. Nails are a luxury that has become a necessity for both women and men,” says Jackson.

With collective years of successful entrepreneurial and business experience, the ladies knew it was time to bring the idea to fruition. Coleman and Jackson got to work with planning and developing a business that is beneficial for the city. They opened the doors of The TEN Nail Bar in nine short months with much anticipation and excitement from the community.

Visiting The TEN Nail Bar, customers will encounter an aligned experience that was specifically “created by design,” says Coleman.

“When you step in, it is as if we are inviting you into our home.  Everything from the look, how you feel, the smell, all of that is thought out. It is about next level service and comfort. We are about the quality of work, workmanship, and we are committed to how people feel when they are here,” she continues.

With businesses popping up in Detroit, when it came to location, the decision was easy. The TEN is situated right Downtown inside of Detroit’s trendy Capitol Park.

“What other metropolitan city can you go to and build your brand from the ground up without the huge hurdle of saturation. This is an immense opportunity and not common. It was important for us to recognize that we have the knowledge, the means, and ability to do this. A nail bar is a proven concept. With our twist on it, the business can really thrive and make a difference at this time in the city,” Coleman explains.  The owners are happy to return home and offer personal care services and jobs in the city. “It is exciting and interesting that we can be the architects of this next Detroit. It is also exciting to know that we are helping to create something beautiful for the community,” says Jackson.

The TEN Nail Bar is open from Monday-Sunday. Visit

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