iziSurvey Brings Unique Technology to Research Industry

By Lauren Ebelt on January 24th, 2014 / Comments

Researchers, rejoice!

There is a new tool that you can use for your research data that is cheap, takes away many of the issues of surveying, and has a long list of features that any researcher will love. The technology, iziSurvey, gets bonus points, because they have an office in Metro Detroit.

Let’s begin with the basics: survey creators design their surveys using various question types through the company’s website, http://izisurvey.com. After, the survey is downloaded onto the device that he/she will use to conduct the survey. Once completed, results can be collected from the website, downloaded into Microsoft Excel formal, or viewed using visual analytics and charts.

But this is where iziSurvey spreads its wings. The Android-compatible service (coming soon to iPhone, iPad, and Windows) supports intricate conditional questions and randomly-ordered responses to questions to minimize answers from distracted participants.

Additionally, the software uses random digit dialing (RRD) technology for cell phone surveying and a security layer for transferring data between mobile devices and the data center.

Over 40 years of industry experience have helped iziSurvey become a major player in the research industry. University of Kentucky political science professor, Ridvan Peshkiopia teamed up with Mergim Cahani, former computer science professor at St. John’s University, New York with the initial idea. Alejtin Berisha, Universum College’s CEO, and Edi Demaj, entrepreneur and business executive from Detroit, later joined them.

“The feedback from several major companies and universities who tried the initial version of iziSurvey was incredible,” said Megrim, CEO of iziSurvey. “This platform has already collected over half a million survey responses!”

In addition to their engineering team in Kosovo, Edi Demaj, co-founder, is stationed in Michigan. “We are very excited to be a part of the tech community in Detroit,” Demaj said. “Our goal is to continue developing products that will add value to various industries and help grow the tech industry in Detroit.”

For more information about this new technology, visit http://izisurvey.com.


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