In Ann Arbor, Entrepreneurs Create a Better Eye Dropper

By Amanda Lewan on December 5th, 2014 / Comments

During a fellowship at the University of Michigan Medial Center, David Lorch and his partners searched for problems that patients regularly face.

The fellowship was designed to teach the entrepreneurial process along the way, leading towards the invention of DROPin, a new and easier way for patients to distribute eye drops.

“It was a great fellowship. You go in and learn how to do an innovation process in a medical setting, finding problems you can solve with a plan to commercialize your solution,” said Lorch.

The problem is simple but prevalent among many patients Lorch spoke with: putting in eye drops can be difficult and annoying. After six months of product development and testing, Lorch and his partners settled on the current design for DROPin.

A fun fellowship program has worked out well for this team who now has a product on the market with the aim of growing sales and business development over the next year.

“We’ve been selling them since January 2014 mostly on Amazon and also at local optometrist shops,” said Lorch. Lorch says the goal is really about striving to make the task easier for people, having a positive impact on their overall health and wellness. Lorch also pointed out that though there are other eye drop guides on the market, but what makes their product special is that it doesn’t touch the front part of the eye.

Unfortunately, the fellowship program that Lorch was lucky to participate in doesn’t exist anymore. For entrepreneurs in Ann Arbor interested in medical innovation he recommends checking out the fast forward medical innovation center, the Michigan Pediatric Concertian MPED which has similar fellowship programs, and Ann Arbor Spark.

Check out the DROPin on Amazon and more on Ocunelis.

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