Huron River Ventures Announces $11M Fund for Michigan Clean Tech

By Amanda Lewan on June 24th, 2013 / Comments

Watch out, more funding is on it’s way for clean tech startups.

Huron River Ventures based out of Ann Arbor announced they’ve raised $11 million in funding, specifically for startups that are changing the way we consume energy. The VC firm has recently invested in the agtech startup FarmLogs.

“The caliber of talent here, young tech talent, and on a relative basis, is a greater access to talent and the cost of doing business.” Tim said. “You have access to human capital and financial capital that’s growing very quick. I think you need to overlay the Midwest work ethic. We are very bullish on the work ethic.”

Check out the rest of the story on Michigan’s Huron River Fund in TechCrunch.

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