Hemingwrite Creates A Distraction Free Typewriter

By Amanda Lewan on October 13th, 2014 / Comments

A writer in the digital age has plenty of savvy digital tools, and plenty of never ending distractions.

While there’s software out there to remove those distractions, local entrepreneur Adam Leeb has come up with a whole new product to make the writing process better.

Inspired by the traditional typewriter, Hemingwrite could be a writer’s new best friend. Leeb says it’s especially helpful for those who don’t write full time.

“We wanted to create a single purpose tool. There wasn’t really a modern tool that helps people move forward without direction,” said Leeb.

Below is a quick glimpse of the features which include cloud backup, a 6 week battery life, and a higher contrast screen for writing indoors or outdoors. (I personally can never write on my laptop outside and would love that feature).

hemingwrite photo2



As a writer, you can focus on just sitting down and writing. You don’t have to worry about anything else. When you want to spend time editing, you can log into your Google docs or other programs on your computer. What do you think? Would this help you focus more on your proposal, blog post, or business plan?

The Hemingwrite product is not for sale yet, as they work to raise awareness and hopefully head to Engadget’s showcase in New York City. Help them make it to the showcase.

Vote for Hemingwrite. 

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