Help These MSU Students Build a Student Startup Bus

By Amanda Lewan on January 20th, 2015 / Comments

A group of Michigan State University students want to build a student startup bus that they can take to one of our nation’s largest tech conferences, SXSW 2015, and for other educational uses on campus and around the state.

Twelve students will be able to live and work out of the bus. Patrick Chouinard who is leading the initiative says the bus will be used for going to local hackathons, and bringing students directly to entrepreneurial action.

“I’m creating this project because I want more student entrepreneurs to be able to experience national events and promote their startups,” said Chouinard. “The only option for the school and students exploring new events is to send a few and spend a lot of money. Students are creating real companies, and some are ready to compete on a national level.”

One of the biggest perks according to Chouinard isn’t the exposure, it’s the valuable feedback students can receive at these events and the opportunity to expand their network.

The group of students need to raise $20,000 to buy an old school bus and convert into a very cozy living space. The bus will be donated and maintained by Spartan Innovations, allowing students to use it after this group graduates.

Upcoming events they plan to attend include student hackathons like Mhacks and Detroit’s Techweek. Those who support the kickstarter will receive ad space on the bus, which could be seen by over 30,000 people who attend SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas this year.

Check out their campaign on kickstarter today to support these student entrepreneurs.


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