Grid Merges Business Development and Creative

By Amanda Lewan on May 15th, 2015 / Comments

One Detroit agency is taking a different approach to business. Grid merges software development, creative branding, and business development for their clients. Their approach helps provide more vital support for their growing clientele.

Why mix all three services into one agency?

“Anytime we’re doing a branding or marketing initiative or creating a software we have to know the business objectives,”said CEO and Founder Paul Tibbert. “We’re very good at the strategy side and getting into markets for the business.”

Paul Tibbert started Grid in 2008. Tibbert himself was working in marketing doing everything from project management, software development, and industrial design. That’s what exposed him to the business side of things. The agency was bootstrapped and grew organically, but business started to speed up in 2012. Having a key corporate client helped them grow, and bringing on a new partner with extensive experience in design. A lot of Grid’s clients are industrial companies in the Midwest, which has brought a lot of work in for them.

“They are second or third generation companies that were built before the internet,” said Tibbert. “We help them with their marketing and branding needs as well as their software and technology needs.”

Branding for any company Tibbert says is key to aligning the company to reach their business goals.

Now, Grid has several locations in Detroit, Denver, and Honolulu. Expanding at the right time and pace was one thing Grid had to learn as they grew.

“You have to make sure that your growth has balance. Develop your staff at the same pace you’re developing your customer base and office footprint,” said Tibbert.

“We really focus on growth and efficiency. The marketing and pr focus on the growth, while the custom software and business strategy help support efficiency side of the business. It’s top and bottom line financial equivalent.”

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